Sunday, April 23, 2006


This post serves no true purpose except to test and see if the w.blogger I just downloaded and installed is actually working. So pay no attention to this, it is merely a test post.

EDIT: Okay yeah this W.Blogger thing really works wonders. It is ten times easier to use than the blogger posting format. Everyone should get this thing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Some Visual Improvements

Some of you may notice the few new look to the blog in various areas. The first big change I went for was changing the title to include a nice Square Enix reference. Ultima Weapon works for both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy so I figured it was the best way to go. I've also added another button for all of you poor souls who don't have it (please get it). Hopefully, I will have a nice tag cloud popping up once blogger actually updates my blog.

Has anyone else noticed this? I mean I will update the blog, and while my preview of the blog is obviously updated, the actual blog itself is not. Now I'm not knocking Blogger. The service is great for bloggers who are just starting out (like me), but it would be nice the changes happen a little bit quicker.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Culture Slowing Flowing

Now and then its nice to see a piece of the videogame culture slowly make its way into the mainstream. For a good while games like Dance Dance Revolution have been at the forefront of this new trend. Tonight as I watched Scrubs one of the main characters was seen wearing the Jinx T-Shirt that had "Videogames make me do bad things" on the front. I couldn't help but smile. While this was probably looked on as typical to the casual outsider to the videogame world, I know that a few gamers can't help but smile at happenings such as this. Sure we are being made fun of in a certain way (televisions way to win back their audience...sure),but atleast the culture is beginning to be recognized.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Final Fantasy Advent Children

With April 25th quickly approaching the long and loyal fans of Final Fantasy VII are finally going to get to revisit their favorite game once again. Thankfully, the release date is for real this time; Advent Children is going to hit stores on April 25th. Where before no evidence supported this we now have bundles of proof from numerous venues IGN has video interviews with the voice actors, Gametrailers has begun featuring small clips from the movie itself (those who want to hear what Cloud sounds like should click over there), and generally all stores are stating that Advent Children will be out on the 25th.

While the hardcore fan base obviously imported the DVD from Japan and have already watched it, there are still many fans of Cloud and his friends who have not been fortunate enough to watch this amazing piece of cinema. The wait is almost over. Final Fantasy Advent Children is fast approaching, and I myself can hardly wait.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Goal

There are many blogs out in the vastness called the "internet" and a lot of them deal with the personal day-to-day happens of the people's lives. This is not one of those blogs. While I would be very flattered that anyone would take the time to actually read about my rather hetic life, I feel that privacy is something that needs to remain. I'm sure you'll understand me as a person once this blog gets going but for now the blog is going in a different direction.

This blog is going to mainly concerned about two things:

1. Photos of cities at night. I just love these things to death. So not only will I display my favorite photos but also give great music suggestions to listen to while searching for these photos.

2. Tech news. This can be anything from computers, Web 2.0, videogames, iPods...etc. Nothing is safe from the opinions of Sleepless City Tech. I'm betting this will take up the bulk of the blog because while there are many photos of cities...there are even more stories in the tech world.

So there you have it, a quick rundown and general direction of the blog. Hopefully, in the next few days the blog will look better, but seeing as how I am really new at this blogging thing (when it comes to skinning them) I wouldn't cross any fingers.

And also as anyone can probably guess from my avatar plus the various links I have sitting to the right of this post, is that I love love love love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Yes...I do. Terribly. So in addition to tech news, videogame news, and cities...there will be a lot of Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts stuff here as well.